Bürosit Test Laboratory

At Bürosit Test Laboratory, we test key furniture parts and mechanism to determine product lifecycle, in addition to testing product prototypes and assembly line production samples for quality assurance. We perform 30 types of tests at Bürosit Test Laboratory.

When we established Bürosit Test Laboratory in 1992, it was accredited with the GS certificate. In 2003, Bürosit Test Laboratory began to perform all the tests required for EU quality standard compliance.

The tests and testing equipment used at Bürosit Test Laboratory are currently being expanded as part of an R&D project backed by TUBITAK called ‘Development of Tests And Testing Equipment For Furniture Quality Assurance’. However, Bürosit Quality Assurance Department administers and reports the tests.


In office chairs, we do the following tests: static weight tests for the seat (in five steps, six pressure points are tested), arm support resistance and static weight tests.

In sofas and waiting groups, the following tests are performed: static weight tests for seat and back ,static weight test for the front of seat cushion, vertical static weight test for back, static weight test for base,  horizontal static weight test for armrest, vertical static weight test for armrest,  synchronic durability test for seat and back, dynamic weight test for the front of seat, dynamic weight test for armrest, dynamic weight test for base, dynamic weight (to and fro) test for base, sideways dynamic load test for base, impact test for seat, impact test for back, impact test for armrest, rollover test for multiple seating area, static weight test for writing table, dynamic weight test for writing table.

For tables, we perform the following tests: static weight test under vertical forc, static weight test under vertical force for extensions, static weight test under horizontal force, fatigue tests under horizontal and vertical force.

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