Quality Assurance And Customer Satisfaction







As part of EFQM Committed to Excellence program, we strive to go beyond our quality and customer satisfaction certificates.

We meet and exceed the legal minimum quality and guarantee obligations, because we trust in our products. This confidence comes from our meticulous quality assurance and testing procedures. All the prototypes and mass production samples of our products are tested for stability, durability and ergonomics in Bürosit Test Laboratory, which conform to EU standards. 

While Bürosit R&D Center develops the tests with the support of TUBITAK, Bürosit Quality Assurance Department administers the tests.

ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard accreditation was an important step, yet we offer more than this certificate’s dictates in terms of quality assurance. Although the legal dictate for the guarantee period is 2 years, we offer 3 Year Guarantee with all out products. Moreover, we give 10 Years Spare Part Availability Guarantee.

Bürosit Technical Support offers repair and maintenance services in Turkey and abroad since 1997. Bürosit Technical Support and authorized technical services focus on solving problems as quickly as possible. 







444 16 06 Bürosit Customer Satisfaction Hotline listens to your feedback, complaints and answers your questions. All feedback, both internal and external, and complaints are managed through a custom software, which makes it possible to resolve issues quickly and not to leave any inquiries or complaints unanswered. 

Bürosit Quality Assurance Department presents all the feedback, complaints and solutions of the previous day in a stand-up meeting every morning. Each day members from all departments, including top management and production personnel, take part in this morning ritual. These meetings keeps all departments freshly informed on issues and solutions, allowing them to evaluate and improve product performance. 

Instead of hiding, we solve problems and share results. As a consequence, we qualified ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Standard in 2012. We continue to improve our after sales services as part of EFQM Committed to Excellence program.

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