Scientific Projects



Bürosit has been committed to innovation ever since its establishment. We strive to improve ergonomics, durability and function with every new product. In addition to product development and innovation, Bürosit R&D Center carries out scientific projects with academic partners and the support of TUBITAK- The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey




Bürosit R&D Center joined forces with 9 Eylül University to develop the ideal office chair. The project, which started in 2013, aims to develop a product that will increase comfort and protect the health of office workers. The project focuses on improving ergonomics, developing massage equipment and increasing textile comfort. The resulting product is expected to meet with huge customer demand in Turkey, as well as abroad.

As our professional lives revolve around desks and computers, we spend the better part of each day sitting down. A lot of professionals suffer from back and neck pains, which are often ignored when they first appear. Over time, these neglected problems slyly turn into grave health issues such as muscle strain in back and neck, tendon inflammation problems, pinched nerves, calcification and depression. The aim of the new ergonomic office chairs we develop is to ward off the appearance of such grave health problems related to back and neck pain. The chair will have the function of removing pain with a three-mode massage function and its flawless ergonomics. Moreover, 9 Eylül University and Bürosit R&D Center are developing more comfortable textiles and foam materials.



As part of this project, we collected the anthropometric measures of Turkish population. We determine the dimensions of the chair profile according to anthropometric measures, so that it will support the neck and the back in the right points. We are currently developing the mechanical and automatic three-mode massage equipment.


After these phases, we will produce prototypes and test the prototypes in real office environments. The outcome of tests in real office environments will be pressure maps prepared with X-sensor measurements. We will also anaylize the subjective feedback of the users and evaluate the utility of the prototype on the basis of all this input. Then, Bürosit Test Laboratory will test the chair for durability, ergonomics and stability. If the prototype is for mass production, it will be featured in Bürosit collection.

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