Human Resources

We favor an atmosphere in which the employees can speak their mind freely over a hierarchical structure. Since there are set procedures allowing employees in all positions to voice their feedback, we can solve problems quickly and continue to improve our workplace.

As we know that our most valuable asset is our human resources, we invest in employees by providing professional and personal training. When we plan training programs, we take into account the career planning of our employees.

As a company with an average employment term of 8 years, we repay the loyalty of our employees with loyalty. We provide the necessary conditions in the workplace for hard-working and driven individuals to shine in their professional roles.

We measure success individually and we make it possible for our employees to realize their potential in their career planning.

We follow rules and regulations about workplace safety and employee rights to the letter without exception.

As part of our EFQM (European Foundation For Quality Management) Commitment to Excellence program, we systematically improve our workplace improvements to become a top-rated employer.




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