Project Design

Project Design

As a 25 year-old company with an excellent track record, we are the ideal partner for corporate office and social area projects. We provide value added products, presales and aftersales services. We maintain long-term commercial partnerships; we offer 3 Year Guarantee, 10 Years Spare Part Availability Guarantee and support through our expansive technical support network.



Our products are designed and produced with longevity of product lifecycle in mind. To make sure, we test and assure the quality promises of our products, which are category leaders in terms of price-quality performance, at Bürosit Test Laboratory.

We enjoy certain advantages in terms of project management. We trust our products and quality standards. We are good listeners. We can swiftly respond to demands and needs. Bürosit code of business conduct means that an entire organization steered in the guidance of values is behind each project.


We offer our customers possibilities of diversifying our product designs with different materials and functions. As you customize products according to your taste and needs, you can choose materials –the texture and color of your choice – as well as functions. We are the ideal corporate project partner with a diverse product line.

When our product range does not suffice, Bürosit Project Department goes out of its way to meet your esthetic and functional expectations by designing custom pieces for your corporate project.


In turn, Bürosit gets inspiration form your corporate projects. The stories include of many products in our collections begin with a client brief for a custom product that was initially designed for a specific project. Thus, a custom product designed for a specific project gets produced for years to come.

For custom pieces, our product development process begins with the client brief. After the ideation step, the design team produces 3-D models and photorealistic renders of the product. On the basis of the models, we calculate the costs and present the price quote. With the approval for design and budget, Bürosit R&D Center, Production and Quality Assurance departments cooperate to produce the custom product.


In corporate projects, we plan the distribution of the products you selected, offering the best spatial arrangement in terms of lighting, spaciousness and efficiency.

We produce your orders with the materials and functions you choose. With the diversity and abundance of our product range, the wide range of colors and materials available, we meet your esthetic and functional preferences with ease.

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